Represent Hounslow by Joining a Community Reference Group (CRG)
Published on Thursday, 10 February 2022 by Hounslow Greentalk
Join a CRG to influence the council and ensure that all decisions made to improve the environment take into considerations the views of the public.

What are the CRGs?

The CRGs are groups of like-minded people from all backgrounds who have a shared interest in improving their neighbourhood and environment. 

The groups meet regularly and work closely with Hounslow Council officers where members will input and influence environmental projects and services. 

In a group, you’ll discuss areas that need improving in the community. With support, you’ll develop an idea to improve your chosen subject area and work with council officers to grow it. You’ll regularly feedback information and insights on council projects and services and attend more in-depth feedback workshops. You will also be invited to share your ideas with senior leadership and your local councillors

There are currently three CRGs which you can apply for, the climate and clean air CRG, focused on air pollution and carbon footprint, the Cleaner Greener CRG which prioritises making the Borough more attractive and environmentally friendly, and lastly there is the Youth CRG which will provide opportunities for people aged between 18-25 to voice their opinions on Climate change and the environment.

How do I apply?

You are able to apply to one of the three CRGs through the application form by clicking on the link and selecting one of the groups: Community Reference Groups (CRGs) | Community Reference Groups (CRGs) | London Borough of Hounslow

The deadline for applications is the 3rd March 2022.