Plant flowers for Feltham in Bloom
Published on Thursday, 10 June 2021 by Feltham
Grow more flowers!

A group of local people, already working separately on environmental, tidying and gardening ventures in the Feltham area, have decided to band together and combine their efforts by entering a bid for Feltham town in this year’s “London in bloom” competition.

The bid has gone in and now a plan & organise the strategy for getting as many households, schools, youth groups, senior citizens, businesses, religious groups, pub regulars, and more, to join is needed to make Feltham proud, by growing a wealth of flowers right across the town.

The plan is to hold local judging, with prizes in various categories,  based on growers and by what’s grown, to be awarded in mid-late June.

The “Feltham in bloom” bid, in the wider ‘London in bloom’ contest, will be judged in July.

The project started off with a request to the Local Authority for permission to plant up & maintain abandoned, semi-derelict patches of ‘public space’, along the verges of the walkways leading up to School gates.

Now, with several of these ‘patches’ cleared, planted and showing a healthy crop of new-season Spring flowers, there has been a groundswell of very positive reaction from local people, plus support shown  at the highest level from Hounslow Borough, and so, with a number of other ‘Volunteer’ groups, also committed to preserving & beautifying our surroundings, the organisation has now taken the plunge and put in a “Feltham in bloom” bid for 2019.

This project will require a serious input of time, labour, planning and co-operation, just to get an organisation into place. We’ll need involvement & commitment from as wide a range of businesses and other organisations as possible, both local, National and even Multinational, to promote and advertise  this bid, and even to join in, at their own premises & with their own personnel, as partners in our “floral” effort.

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