Make a Difference, Adopt a Tree!
Published on Monday, 21 March 2022 by Hounslow Greentalk
Make a difference in your neighbourhood by adopting a tree. By adopting a tree, we're asking you to help look after and care for newly planted trees near you. Best of all, it is free to adopt a tree! Find out what you can do...

About adopting a newly planted tree

We have launched the ability to adopt newly planted trees on Hounslow Greentalk!

Our focus is to improve the survival rates of newly planted trees. You can help by looking out for them, and especially by watering them during hot, dry or windy spells. Your simple actions can make a huge difference to the environment. 

How do I adopt a tree?

First, you need to sign up with Hounslow Greentalk and Create an Account. Creating an account only takes a minute or two.

Having an account means you’ll be able to access all our great new features such as ‘Liking’ trees, adopting newly planted trees and tagging or commenting on trees. These features will be arriving later this summer.

To adopt newly planted trees near you, have a look on the map near where you live or work, and look out for tree points that contain an ‘a’.

Click on the tree you’d like to adopt to activate the tree panel, and simply click on the ‘Adopt a Tree’ button. You will be able to see your adopted trees in the Your Greentalk section at the top of the home page, and in the ‘Manage Your Profile’ section. You must be signed in to access this section.

Each tree comes with its own Adoption Guide which gives you some tips on watering and caring for your tree, and some useful links including how to report any issues or concerns with the tree.

Can I adopt more than one tree?

Absolutely, we would love for you to contribute as much as you can. This not only helps make your local neighbourhood look nicer, but it will help in keeping it greener too. 

Where can I find out more?

Please have a look at our ‘Help’ section for more information about adopting trees as well as other Frequently Asked Questions.