Brentford Green Fair
Published on Thursday, 6 October 2022 by Hounslow Greentalk
Explore our curated tree walk around St Paul's Recreation Ground in celebration of the first Green Fair.

On Saturday 8 October, 10am-1pm, St Paul's Church in Brentford will host the inaugural Brentford Green Fair in partnership with Spire Café, who are offering you 20p off any hot drink at the Spire Café if you bring your own reusable mug!

This event will bring together different community groups and give them the opportunity to network, showcase and share different ways to live greener lives. The idea of the Green Fair is to provide a marketplace of stalls for local green organizations to showcase what they are doing locally and invite the local community to see what opportunities are available to them and how they can get involved. It will also be an opportunity for local green organisations to network with one another and raise awareness of green and sustainable living among the community. There will be some activities taking place alongside the marketplace stalls.

All are welcome to come, learn, network, and see what opportunities there are to do things differently for the benefit of the environment around us. Some of the Community groups and organisations that will be attending include:

·       Hen Corner

·       Cultivate London

·       Hounslow Friends of the Earth

·       Hounslow Council

·       Eco Church

·       Brentford Clothes Repair Café

·       Too Good to Go

·       Dr Bike

·       And many others.

To further promote how valuable our green spaces are, Hounslow Greentalk have specially created this curated route which picks up on 12 different tree species within St. Paul’s Recreation Ground.

Use the link below to follow this short tree walk and find out more about the trees around you.  

Please remember to like trees as you go along and share this walk for others to explore.

Enjoy your walk and let us know how you found it!