Residents Planting Free Tree Giveaway
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Thank you for helping to make Hounslow greener! This scheme is now closed.

Hounslow Council is committed to plant a tree for each newborn every year with the aim to make Hounslow greener and combat climate change with thousands of trees planted across the borough.

During the winter of 2021-2022, 500 trees were offered to local residents to plant in their gardens, so that together we could make a difference and make our Borough Greener!

About the Scheme

The London Borough of Hounslow has a commitment to significantly reduce the borough’s carbon footprint and help to tackle climate change. It is also an opportunity for the local community to get more involved with the environment they live in.

About the Trees

There were 16 tree species available for small, medium and large sized gardens. The trees came as potted plants, fruit trees were bare-rooted and up to 1m in height. The species were selected in line with the character of the Borough in terms of its existing trees, and by suitability for the soil conditions across the area. The tree types were:

  • Field maple
  • Service Berry
  • Hornbeam
  • Hazel
  • Beech
  • Swedish Whitebeam
  • Hawthorn
  • Apple Cox's Orange Pippin
  • Apple Golden Delicious
  • Apple Laxton's Superb
  • Apple Bramley Seedling
  • Fig
  • Doyenne Du Comice Pear
  • Beurré Hardy Pear
  • Conference Pear
  • Victoria Plum
Sorry, there are no more trees available to order
Sorry, ordering has closed as all available trees at all locations and dates have been ordered.
If you ordered a tree, you can check your order, pick-up location and date by signing into your profile.
Frequently Asked Questions
Got any questions? Visit our help or find how to care for the trees in our tree care guide below.
Full terms and conditions can be found below.
Caring for your Tree
  • What to consider before planting
  • Where/when/how to plant
  • The short term care of your tree - the first 3 years
  • The long term care of your tree - year 3+

To read guidance for your specific tree, access your personalised Care Guide available from your Profile.

Sharing your Tree

We'd love to see how your newly planted tree is doing. Share photos of your tree, its leaves, its bark, its blossom on social media using

@LBofHounslow #HounslowGreentalk

Hounslow Council may be in touch in the future to measure the growth of your tree, and to better understand how this scheme could be improved in the future.

Terms and Conditions - Residents Planting Free Tree Giveaway
Full Terms and Conditions relating to the London Borough of Hounslow's Residents Planting Free Tree Giveaway Scheme.