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Hounslow Greentalk
Youth Climate Network
The Environment and Climate Team at Hounslow Council are seeking the views of young people aged 18 to 25 regarding climate change and environmental challenges in the borough.
Don’t just love your local tree - adopt it
There are over 120,000 trees in Hounslow and 383 different species.
Free Trees for Hounslow has ended!
The second year initiative has come to an end we thank you for all your support in making Hounslow greener!
19 January | Hounslow Greentalk
Green Skills Bootcamp
If you think you’re a dab hand in the garden, or enjoy hands-on work in the great outdoors, we have just the thing for you. Hounslow Council and its partners have secured funding to deliver environment skills training in land management and arboriculture (caring for trees and shrubs). This 4-week course will give you the necessary knowledge and experience to kickstart your career!
19 December 2022 | Hounslow Greentalk
Free trees for Hounslow 2022!
Following the great success of our first pilot Resident Free Tree Scheme, London Borough of Hounslow Council are running the scheme again this year.
1 December 2022 | Hounslow Greentalk
How to care for your tree this planting season
This National Tree Week, we spoke to Greentalk's very own Director and Co-Founder, Paul Wood. We wanted his expert insights on how best to care for your tree this planting season.
25 November 2022 | Hounslow Greentalk
Isleworth Green Gyms
Isleworth Green Gyms are fun, free outdoor volunteering sessions to look after our local green spaces, keep active, improve wellbeing and increase biodiversity
25 October 2022 | Hounslow Greentalk
Welcome to Hounslow Greentalk!
Hounslow Greentalk is a unique service to help residents connect with and explore the borough’s nature and wildlife, including trees, parks and much more. See all the trees managed by the council, and explore them using maps and walking routes.
6 October 2022 | Hounslow Greentalk
Brentford Green Fair
Explore our curated tree walk around St Paul's Recreation Ground in celebration of the first Green Fair.
10 August 2022 | Hounslow Greentalk
Industrial Revelation
Eco Festival sees nature fighting back against the machine!