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27 March | Heston
Tree Festival Day at Heston Community Garden
We had a wonderful turnout of people and felt very supported in our locality aims of cleaning and greening. Residents and visitors from elsewhere were positive and helpful in greening up streets and parks to counteract climate change.
19 March | Heston
Visit the West London Tree Hub map!
Over 50 trees that the Heston Action Group have planted are now mapped.
Tree Festival in Heston
West London Tree Hub based in Heston Community Garden are celebrating trees. Those life- enhancing beautiful living plants.
12 March | Heston
West London Tree Hub is growing
The West London Tree Hub based in Heston Community Garden is growing well. We are nurturing a variety of young trees to plant in our local environment of Heston.
West London Tree Hub
Greening London at the West London Tree Hub based in Heston Community Garden.
23 January | Hounslow Greentalk
Thank you for helping make Hounslow greener
The Free Trees for Hounslow programme has now ended for winter 2023/24.
14 November 2023 | Hounslow Greentalk
National Tree Week is Back!
This National Tree Week, we spoke to Greentalk's very own Director and Co-Founder, Paul Wood. We wanted his expert insights on how best to care for your tree this planting season.
3 November 2023 | Hounslow Greentalk
Coming Soon: Free Trees for Hounslow 23-24!
Keep your eyes peeled for the return of our Free Trees for Hounslow initiative.
14 June 2023 | Hounslow Greentalk
Youth Climate Network
The Environment and Climate Team at Hounslow Council are seeking the views of young people aged 18 to 25 regarding climate change and environmental challenges in the borough.
13 June 2023 | Hounslow Greentalk
Don’t just love your local tree - adopt it
There are over 120,000 trees in Hounslow and 383 different species.