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‘Feltham in Bloom’ grew from the enthusiasm of a group of youngsters, in the Garden Club at Victoria Junior School, who badgered the Local Council, until they were allowed to take over the planting and maintenance of derelict public open spaces outside the school boundary. The reaction by neighbours and passers-by were so positive, that a whole new Community group was set up to bring more civic pride - through plants. As part of that, we’ve planted over 70 new trees inside the school, and given away well over 250 baby trees to our local Community. Our neighbourhood reaches into Bedfont, Feltham North, Feltham West, Hanworth Park and Hanworth.
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Trees given by Feltham in Bloom to community
New trees planted in Victoria Junior School
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Our neighbourhood covers the Bedfont, Feltham and Hanworth wards.
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November 2023
Norway Maple is our Tree of the Month

This European maple is one of the most common street trees in London, and it really comes into its own in the autumn.

Its pointed leaves (rather more so than the similar Sycamore) turn golden yellow, russet brown and bitter orange at this time of year. Look out for the winged seeds, or samara, too, some of them will stay on the tree right through November and even through the winter.

Adopt a tree & make a difference in Feltham
1. Adopt a newly planted tree to help it thrive
2. Receive watering notifications when it gets very dry
3. Adopting is free and easy
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