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August 2022
Raywood Ash is our Tree of the Month

Autumn is in full swing and now is a great time to make a bee-line for your local park to enjoy the autumn colours.

Have you noticed the Raywood Ash trees this year? They are approaching their stunning best all over town right now. Also known as Claret Ash, they are a cultivar of the Caucasian narrow-leaved ash (Fraxinus angustifolia ‘Raywood’) that first arose in an Australian nursery called Raywood. Sadly they are now very rarely planted as street trees owing to their unfortunate habit of dropping branches unexpectedly...

Having said that, there are still lots of Raywoods to see.

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124, 144 Trees
In parks, on streets, estates and on public land throughout Hounslow
Over 6000 Trees
Planted during winter/spring 2021-2022
383 Species
Tree species found throughout the borough
Get ahead with Hounslow Council’s Green Surgery
Hounslow Council is launching a series of Green Surgeries in the borough to help residents find how they can cut their costs and protect the environment
Hounslow’s parks team issue warning over Moth infestations
Hounslow’s parks team is urging visitors to the borough’s parks and open spaces to be aware of an infestation of caterpillars that can cause eye and throat irritations.
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Feltham in Bloom
‘Feltham in Bloom’ grew from the enthusiasm of a group of youngsters, in the Garden Club at Victoria Junior School, who badgered the Local Council, until they were allowed to take over the planting and maintenance of derelict public open spaces outside the school boundary. The reaction by neighbours and passers-by were so positive, that a whole new Community group was set up to bring more civic pride - through plants. As part of that, we’ve planted over 70 new trees inside the school, and given away well over 250 baby trees to our local Community. Our neighbourhood reaches into Bedfont, Feltham North, Feltham West, Hanworth Park and Hanworth.
Heston Action Group
Heston Action Group is a young, non-party political community group created in 2019 with passionate residents who wanted to simply “clean and green” our local area. The area has had a tradition of street trees and most houses have front gardens. HAG is driven to protect those remaining and encourage new growth. Our neighbourhood is in the North West of the Borough of Hounslow, comprising Heston East, West and Central. To the north east, the area borders common land which itself borders Osterley Park. Within its borders there are two parks and 5 primary schools and one secondary school, most with large areas of open space.
Abundance London
Abundance London is a voluntary organisation, founded in 2010, that harvests surplus fruit, plants orchards, hedgerows and trees, tries to reconnect people with nature and protect it in an urban setting, creates beautiful spaces, mainly through planting but also through art. Our neighbourhood extends from the east of Hounslow (Chiswick area) to Bedford Park in the south east of Ealing.
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